Douchebags Big Bastard 90L Roller Travel Bag


Travelling for a long time, going far away, or just bringing a lot of gear? Get The Big Bastard 90L when you can´t leave anything behind.

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Douchebags Big Bastard 90L

With a huge main compartment, easy access to all your gear and a sturdy construction, The Big Bastard 90L is your loyal travel packhorse.
EASY HANDLING Light weight and nimble

EASY HANDLING Light weight and nimble

EASY ACCESS Quickly reach all your gear

Quickly reach all your gear

Douchebags Hugger 60L

HOOK-UP SYSTEM Travel with multiple bags easily


As a pro photographer constantly traveling the world with heavy and expensive equipment, Daniel should have a master’s degree in packing PHOTOGRAPHER DANIEL RÖNNBACKby now. So if you’re keen on traveling smart, listen to this experienced traveler’s number one tips:

Travel light (even when you have a lot of stuff)

It makes a huge difference to have bags that are lightweight and spacious. Every kilogram you save from the bag is extra stuff you can bring, and being on the road most of the time it’s nice to be able to bring a couple of different t-shirts. During wintertime I always travel with the Big Bastard 90L, the Hugger 60L, and The Douchebag.

Technical Specifications

Width: 43cm / 16.9in

Depth: 24.5cm / 9.4in
Length: 87cm / 34.3in
Weight: 4.5kg / 9.9 lbs.

Volume: 90 liters

Outer Shell: Polyester 600D / 1680D / TEP 500D
(Arctic White: TEP500D all over)
Inner Lining: Polyester 300D

ABS protection ribs



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Black, White, Grey, Pine Green, Blue

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